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    I cannot express in words how tired I am (we are) of all the murders in the hands of authority, more specifically people of color. George Floyd among many other victims deserve justice. We need police reforms, we need this to end. My condolences are with all the victims families, protesters and us! We keep hearing that things will get better one day, one day, one day but we need one day NOW!

    I know I am one person, but together we are a voice. We need to help and support each other and help minorities and African American business. They have a bigger platform and we need to have more of us represented. BLACK LIVES MATTER! We shouldn't have to put up with racism especially with the people who are suppose to serve and protect us.

    I decided I would use my platform (and hope others will follow) to help keep our minorities and African American businesses running and growing strong! We need to support each other and in the long run, we will create a strong community and a strong voice! Food Has Always Been Political.

     I will be updating as much as I can, Businesses and all. I will do my best to add resources and link for how we can help and continue to update as much as I can. Feel free to email me if you know a place I should go try and add to the list! Let's stay strong! Lets demand the change.

Jerry Tapia



I urge you to register. It's easy to register and check your are. Please we need to get the wrong officials out. Click Here

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Donate or check their website out. This organization of lawyers will protect us from the President and hold him accountable. Remember it. Click Here

Black Lives Matter

Global organization whose mission is to eradicate white supremacy and build local power...Please check out their website. They are WOKE! they add current petitions and find out how you can be involved. Click Here






Chicago Alliance Against Racist And Political Repression

A public safety committee in Chicago City Council and, if enacted, it will create a democratically-elected Council to oversee the Chicago Police Department. Go now Click Here.

Chicago Bond

Click here if you want to help out protestors get out of jail by donating.

Petitions & Justice

Cant go to protest, can't donate? then this is big help to. Here is a spreadsheet with cases and stories you can see and sign up to re open cases for justice. All you need is your name and email and passion for justice. Click Here

Support Black-Owned Business

Minority coming soon.

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