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Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

This was inspired by my childhood. I remember my mom and dad would make shrimp cocktail Mexican style. This is very mild but you can substitute serrano peppers for the jalapeño peppers to make it more spicy. The reason I like to make it mild for parties is because you can serve additional hot sauce "cholula" on the side for people who love heat, like me! If you don't care to make it fancy and serve additional shrimp as garnish, omit the large shrimp. That just what garnishes the rim, just use the small shrimp in the recipe and double it.

Serves about 2-4 depending on serving size


Ketchup 1 Cup

Horseradish 3 Tbsp

Worcestershire sauce 2 Tsp

Lime juice, fresh 2 Tsp

Cholula hotsauce (or tabasco) 1 Tbsp

Jalapeños, diced small 1/4 Cup

Red onion, medium diced 1/2 Cup

Green bell pepper, medium diced 1/2 Cup

Cilantro, rough chopped 3 Tbsp

Hass Avocado, diced 1 Each

Tomato juice, plain 1 Cup

Salt 1 Tsp

Black pepper, ground 1 Tsp

Small Shrimp 1/2 Lb

(cooked, devained)

Large Shrimp 1/4 Lb

(cooked, devained, only for garnish, omit if you want)

Tajin powder for rimming as needed

Step 1 : Make sure all your shrimp is cooked and cooled if you didn't buy the cooked ones. In a medium size bowl, combine the ketchup, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, cholula or hot sauce, and season with salt and pepper. In the video it says a pinch but you can adjust it with this recipe.

Step 2 : Chop all your vegetables. It's better to do them medium diced, if you prefer smaller go ahead by all means. Add your chopped jalapeño, red onion, green pepper, and cilantro. Save the avocado for last. Then add your small shrimp (this is the main protein, again you don't need the big shrimp unless you plan to use it for garnish). Mix until completely combined and then you can fold (gently mix) the avocado in too. You want to save this for last so you don't over mix it and it turns to mush. You want nice chunky avocado pieces.

Step 3 : Let it marinate in the fridge for about 30 minutes. Decide how you want to serve it. You can serve it all in a bowl or large wine glass or small ones. Using a cut lime, rub against the rim of the bowl. Sprinkle tajin on a flat surface big enough to fit your desired vessel. Then flip whatever you decided to use upside down (lime coated side) and coat it with the tajin, Sprinkle more on the sides and pour the mix inside of it. If you decided to use the Large shrimp to garnish the rim, dip each of the large shrimp in the juices and fix it by hanging it on the side until it covers the rim. Sprinkle more chopped cilantro on top of the liquids and chopped avocado if desired. Serve with crackers and enjoy!


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