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Ponche Navideño

My memories for this goes way back when I was young. We used to visit my relatives in Mexico and during Christmas and New Years, we would all make a bon fire outside in the chili weather and make this hot punch. It has a lot of exotic fruits you can buy frozen here in the States. It's sweet and citrus and keeps you warm, the fruits almost melt in your mouth and of course many add liquor to it.

In the video I made a double recipe. You can still go ahead and cut this recipe in half for a smaller serving.


Food Tips Serves about 15

  1. Piloncillo - Mexican Brown sugar that comes compressed in a hard cone. They come in various sizes, for the recipe you need 8 oz so I used 1 (8oz) cone. find it in the Mexican isle, cant find it? use 6 oz dark brown sugar and 2oz molases.

  2. Tocojotes - This you can find year round in Mexican markets in the frozen isle. If you can find it fresh during the season, make it with fresh ones.

  3. Tamarind pods - These are normally packaged with the other spices in a Mexican market. You peel the hard outer shell and use the filling with seed.

  4. Guayabas - Also you can find them year round in Mexican markets frozen whole. Now you can find some fresh easier. They are also known as "guava"

  5. Sugar Cane - Mexican markets carry this already prepared and peeled for you in the frozen section. if you can find the fresh one do so. If you cant find any, replace with sugar to your taste. I just love chewing the sugar liquid out of it. You don't eat these.


Hot water 6 qts

Piloncillo 8 oz

Cinnamon Stick 2 each

Tecojotes 1 lb

Tamarind pods, clean 1 cup

Guayabas 1 lb

Sugar cane, peeled 2 (2-3 inch)

Green Apple 1 large

Raisins 1/4 cup

Step 1 : Decide how many servings you want first, then grab a stock pot large enough to fill the water, Mexican Piloncillo, Mexican cinnamon stick, and Tecojotes. NOTE If you are using fresh tecojotes add them in this step, if you are using frozen ones add them the last 30 minutes before serving. Cook for about 15 minutes on high heat.

Step 2 : Now you can go ahead and add the tamarind pods (making sure you peeled the outer shell and took some veins out. you want to use the gooey center with the seeds attached.), guayabas (cut in half or quartered), Sugar cane (only need 3 3-inch long pieces and trim the outer shell with your knife), green apples (cut into bite size pieces) and raisins. NOTE If you used frozen Tecojotes, add them in this step, if you used fresh ones ignore this. Cook this for 45-60 minutes and then serve hot! Super easy and flavorful. You can add a splash of rum to served it spiked.


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