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From Youtube "CakeWith It" to Food Network and media, Jerry Tapia is a growing trendy chef that is very knowledgeable and has

On-Camera charismatic personality.

      Jerry Tapia comes from a history of chefs. Both his parents were chefs in Marriotts and Mars Chocolate factory. Jerry remembers walking into their jobs and seeing stainless steel everywhere and people running around making food. This had a huge impact on his life. He began cooking at the age of ten creating recipes for his family. He enrolled immediately into Le Cordon Bleu Chicago (no longer exist) fresh out of high school with a degree in culinary and pastry classes.

      He then has worked and managed many kitchens, Gaining experience cooking at famous places like Soldier field, Allstate Arena, Pret A Manger and even the world famous formerly known Charlie Trotters. He even helped trained a blind chef. He left his comfort day job to pursue his acting career too. He got an acting coach and got into two of Chicago's big acting agencies. Taking years of auditioning for jobs he landed on a project for Allstate. During this time he launched his Youtube channel formerly known as CakeWith IT (now goes by Jerry Tapia) and people loved it. He combined his passion for food and acting. He also began to make cake orders from everyday birthday to elaborate sculpted cakes for people.

      During this time someone scouted him and offered him a chance to be on a brand new Food Network show Cupcake Championship. "He was a natural" because he loves working under pressure and preforms very well. Following the time during Food Network a chicago LGBT newspaper called "Windy City Times" followed up and wrote an article on his food, cakes and experience. Click here

      He continues to impress people all over with his encyclopedia knowledge of the culinary world. He is uniquely an expert in cooking and baking. Truly show that the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none" is not accurate. Just ask him and spend a day with him and see that he can go from cooking cuisines all over the world to making cheeses and from scratch cooking to cakes, confections, ice creams and elaborate cakes. He prides himself in perfecting macaron making too. If someone has found their true passion and making it work, it's definitely him!

      What does he do on his spare time? Draw anime, computer and web developing, cooking and more baking, sewing, making clothes and aprons. Want to work with Jerry and see what services he has like product branding and recipe development? click here also great for tv segments, recipe contributor and more.


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