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When it comes to guacamole, I love a very citrusy and spicy one. I'm not a fan of the bland, almost no flavor yet creamy avocados. It's all mush to me. I prefer a chunky, spicy and lemon foreword guacamole. I also don't like calling it "GUAC", not to sound like a snob but in Spanish "guacala" is used to describe something nasty and unpleasant. This is not that at all. let's start calling it guacamole again! The key thing is to mix your salt with the lemon juice. That way when you mix it, it will distribute evenly. If you add it separate, chances are you will have to over mix it to blend completely. If that's your thing go right ahead. I prefer a nice chunky guacamole. Also store it in an airtight container with plastic wrap covering the surface. You can't stop the browning, it's natural. It does not affect the flavor. I promise you, just stir it back in and it will go away. Chances are though, it won't last long.


Makes about 1 quart container of guacamole


Avocados, ripe, medium diced 5 each

Serrano peppers, minced 3 each

Onion, small diced 3/4 cup

Tomatoes, small diced 1 cup

Cilantro, chopped 1/2 cup

Limes, juiced 3 each

Kosher Salt 2 tsp

Step 1 : Using a a knife, place the avocado flat-belly side down. Using a knife, carefully cut it around horizontally, using the palm of your hands to hold the top. Remove the pit. If you're not comfortable using a knife to cut around, you can use a butter knife to cut it and remove the pit. Now on both halves, slice vertically into the avocado and then slice horizontally to create cross hatch. Using a spoon, scoop out the avocados and they should be chunky and about medium size odd dice. Place in a bowl

Step 2 : Cut the onion and tomato into medium dice. Don't remove the seeds and pulp from the tomato. Then mince the Serrano peppers. Keep the seeds and being for heat. Make sure you cut it small enough. Next chop the cilantro cilantro into small sizes, I like to include about 2 inches of the stem too for bold flavor. Add all this to the avocado bowl.

Step 3 : In a small bowl, cut the limes in half and juice them into the bowl. Then add the salt to the lime juice and whisk until most of it has dissolved. This makes the salt easy to distribute. Add the lime juice to the avocado and veggie bowls and mix by folding. Meaning, using a spoon or spatula, scoop from the bottom to the top and continue to do while scraping. This prevents the guacamole from turning into mush and leaving it chunky. Refrigerate until ready to use. Serve with food or chips.

Storing tip! Cover the guacamole with plastic wrap touching the surface to prevent browning. The lime juice in this recipe also helps. If some brown develops on top, it's fine. Just stir it back and it will turn green again.


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