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Italian Meringue Buttercream

Oh how I love this buttercream, It is not too sweet and not heavy. It's rather light and velvety. I never use any other buttercream to cover and decorate my cakes. The versatility is endless. This is my go to buttercream and the one I use to decorate my cakes. Now it's a bit tricky at first but don't let that discourage you. It takes practice to get it right and once you do, that extra effort will make a complete difference. I have nothing against American Buttercream (butter and powder sugar) but it's not even buttercream at all.


Makes about 2lbs of buttercream


Granulated Sugar 8 oz

Water 2 oz

Egg whites 4 oz

Unsalted Butter 10 oz

STEP 1 : In a medium sauce pot add the sugar and water and swirl the pot until the sugar all gets saturated in water and looks like wet sand.

STEP 2 : In a stand mixer (or if you don't have a stand mixer, use a large bowl and a hand mixer) add the egg whites and mix on medium speed. Leave on medium speed to foam up, in the meantime, cook the sugar mixture on medium-high heat and insert a thermometer and cook until the sugar syrup cooks to 240 F.

Step 3 : Now you must be very careful with this step, working with hot syrup may cause burns. if it lands on your hand do not rub off, plunge your hand in luke warm water. Slowly pour the syrup down the side of the mixer bow and beat it on high heat. Take your time. Once all the syrup is in, continue to beat until the meringue (your mix) cools to warm to the touch.

Step 4 : While it cools, cut your butter into small cubes and set aside. Once your bowl cools down to warm to the touch, make sure its running on high speed, add your butter pieces by pieces. Don't add all at once, make sure you're adding it little by little making sure each addition of butter emulsifies. Once all the butter is in, keep mixing until the mixture comes together and forms buttercream. You will know because the consistency changes to a whipped and firm hold. If it's liquid, let it cool int he fridge for 10 minutes and then whip again.


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