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Caprese Baguette

Everyone knows that caprese is fresh tomato, fresh slice of mozzarella and a large beautiful leaf of basil. Some like to top it with a balsamic glaze and or vinegar. Back at my pret days, they also had a caprese in a baguette. This is the most simple yet complex and fresh flavors. It's easy to make but its so refreshing and delicious. This recipe yields for one baguette, that way you can easily multiply it by how many you want.


Recipe for 1 (12-inch Baguette)

Ingredients :

12-inch French baguette 1 each

Balsamic dressing 1/4 cup

Fresh Mozzarella about 1/4 inch thick 5 slices

Seasoning ( Salt and pepper) To taste

fresh tomato 4 Slices

Basil leafs 8 each

Arugula 1 cup

Step 1 : Cut the french baguette 34 of the way lengthwise to create the opening, this creates a hinge to that it doesn't spill out. Drizzle some of the balsamic dressing all over the bottom layer of the baguette. Then add the 5 slices of fresh baguette and sprinkle seasoning all over the top layer. Just a small even amount all over to cover the cheese evenly. Then drizzle a little more balsamic dressing.

Step 2 : Then add the fresh slices of tomato into one even layer all over. I like to cut everything for the baguette into 1/4 inch thick so it doesn't just taste like bread. I say use 8 large basil leaves, if they are tiny, simply add more. You want it to cover the whole layer of tomatoes. Finally finish it with arugula. You need one heaping cup and shove it on the top layer so you don't break your baguette.

Enjoy! these are great to wrap and take with you or for serving a large crowd. Simply cut them into 4 pieces and put it in a tray.


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