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Pozole Rojo

This is my favorite, growing up I remember us eating this during special holidays or my mom would make it for our birthdays if we request it. This is a mild soup that taste amazing, I love adding lime juice and you can top it with the vegetable toppings. If you'd like to know the history of this dish, check out my video. Important note here, make sure you used Mexican Oregano it has a stronger flavor suitable for this dish.


Serves about 4-8

Ingredients :

Water 4 quarts

Pork Shoulder 3 lbs

Onion, white 1 each

Garlic peeled 8 cloves

Salt To taste

Canned Hominy 3 - 15 oz cans

Guajillos peppers dry 6 each

Ancho peppers dry 6 each

Mexican oregano dry 1 tsp

for the toppings

Cabbage, shredded 1/2 head

Onion, chopped 2 cups

Oregano, dry To taste

Radishes, sliced 2 cups

Lime wedges as desired

STEP 1 : In a large stock pot add the water, pork, onion and garlic. You don't have to dice these veggies, you can just cut them in half or add whole since this will be removed after cooking. Place on high heat and cook for about two and a half hours, skimming the surface impurities with a spoon.

STEP 2 : While the meat cooks, begin to soak the chilies by adding the guajillo and ancho peppers in hot water in a bowl making sure they are submerged. You don't need a specific amount of water as long as they peppers are submerged. Soak for about 30 minutes until soft and pliable. Once they are soft and pliable remove by pulling the veins out and seeds by pulling the stem and rinsing the seeds out. Make sure you use a disposable glove if needed to prevent pepper burn. Now you need to puree the peppers. In a blender add all the soaked and cleaned peppers, garlic, onion and oregano. Add some of the water you used to soak (about 2 cups) and puree until smooth. Set aside.

STEP 3 : Now once the meat is tender after the two and a half hours, remove the onion and garlic and discard. Now you can add Salt to taste (I start with a tablespoon, then taste and add if you prefer more) and using a mesh strainer, strain the chili mixture you blended into the soup. use a ladle to help you strain it easier. Taste and add more salt if desired, then add the drained canned hominy and cook for an additional 15-20 minutes.

STEP 4 : Now how do you enjoy this beautiful dish. You can set up all the veggie ingredients in a table. Chop the onions, half moon slice the radishes, shred the cabbage and slice the limes. Each person serves themselves and adds whatever crunchy topping right on top of the soup finishing with a sprinkle of Mexican oregano and fresh squeezed lime juice. Enjoy!


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